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Request a dashboard today and we talk through several concepts with you to design a working solution for you and your team in 7-days.


Implement the design with our team of developers and low-code experts who translate the requirements into a actionable dashboard.

Software Development

We build stellar apps for startups and enterprises. Get to done faster so you can spend time on your business.


Our Process


01. Research

Our initial call with you will help set expectations to understand the process, technology, and delivery times.


02. Concept Wireframes

The wireframes serve as a guide for you and our development team to gain clarity on the required dashboard elements.


03. Development

Daily Slack stand-ups provide transparency and surface issues immediately through the development cycle.


04. Deliver

The final deliverables include the dashboard, onboarding video, and support plan for your team.


Technology Stacks

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Our Prices

Sales Pipeline


then $50 per month

What's included:

1 Page Dashboard

1 Database or API

Salesforce Integration

No Actions

No Video Onboarding

Unlimited Revisions

12 Months of Support

Customer Support


then $100 per month

What's included:

1 Page Dashboard

2 Databases or APIs

Forms or Help Desk Integration

1-3 Actions

Video Onboarding

Unlimited Revisions

12 Months of Support

Workflow Automation


then $200 per month

What's included:

2 Page Dashboard

4 Databases or APIs

See Full List of Technology

1-5 Actions

Video Onboarding

Unlimited Revisions

12 Months of Support

Don't see what you want? We create numerous dashboards including:

  • Inventory management tool to take update inventory and take action on orders
  • Stripe refund tool to issue refunds via Stripe and send confirmation emails
  • Shopify order automation and fulfillment with custom databases
  • Admin panel for real estate SaaS permissions, feature flags, and content
  • And more ...


Frequently Asked Questions

What is required from me?

During our initial call, we will need to get some background information about your company goals and objectives for the project. As we learn about your project and technology stack, we will guide the discussion and recommend a low-code or no-code platform. At the end of the initial call, we will jointly create a sketch of the dashboard and what is required from the different data sources. We will review the checklist in our introductory meeting.

How long does it really take?

It is a 7-day process from start to finish. Our team will rely on the initial discussions and daily stand-up meetings to make progress with the data, design, and development of your dashboard. Communication is especially critical when we are sourcing data from internal systems rather than known SaaS applications. Guaranteed.

What does a 1-Page Dashboard include? 

A single page dashboard may include grids, charts, maps, and data from several different internal data sources or external SaaS applications. For example, you may have a spreadsheet of sales opportunities that you would like to visualize for your entire team instead of providing access to the spreadsheet.

What is an "Action" listed in the Pricing? 

An action is an integration or workflow automation to update an existing system or SaaS based on the dashboard interaction. For example, you may want to allow customer success reps to extend trials, refund payments, or update Stripe details but you do not want to provide permission to your payment processor. In this example, the Actions would allow users to interact with Stripe customer data from the dashboard. See an example here.

Do I need to pay for third-party software?

Depending on the size of your organization and data sources, we may recommend you purchasing licenses to different tools. When we finish the onboarding call, we will provide a sketch that includes the description of what underlying SaaS platforms will be used for the dashboard.

What if my requirements don't fit into a dashboard?

We have developed and maintained many different types of software applications over the years. Please get in touch with us below to discuss your specific needs. We provide custom software design and implementation services to guide you through the process.


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